What is Milling?

Milling entails removal of the pavement surface using a milling machine, which can remove up to 50 mm (2 in) thickness in a single pass. Full-depth removal involves ripping and breaking the pavement using a rhino horn on a bulldozer and/or pneumatic pavement breakers. In most instances, the broken material is picked up and loaded into haul trucks by a front-end loader and transported to a central facility for processing.

Why you should consider Milling?

Milling allows you to update your old parking lot with much lower costs to you than a brand new parking lot would run. We mill off the top layer of your old lot, prep the existing pavement we just exposed and then pave directly on the old, prepped base and pavement. The process allows you avoid all the base & sub-base work costs and allows us to complete the job quicker.

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