Hot Mix Patching

Hot Mix Patching

How potholes form

* Constant pounding of traffic weakens the pavement,eventually forming cracks.
* Water seeps into cracks and pits in the pavement, eventually reaching the sub-base.
* Water freezes and expands at night, pushing up the cracked pavement.
* When the ice melts, it leaves a hole between the pavement and the sub-base.
* Vehicles travelling over the hole break the edges of the damaged pavement, creating a pothole.


How are potholes repaired?

Bain Paving repairs potholes with a “hot mix” asphalt patch. A “hot mix” asphalt patch requires a temperature of at least 40 degrees F to properly adhere to the edges of the pavement. Some companies may offer a “cold mix” patch but this is only a temporary measure and will still require a long term patch “hot mix” patch. The temporary nature of “cold mix” patches makes it hard to stand by the work and therefore isn’t offered by Bain Paving.

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