About Bain Paving

Bain Paving

How We Started…

About Bain Paving

 Bain Paving was founded in Toledo, OH in 1946 by Peter Bain. He started a small business by selling a new building product – asphalt siding. This business ultimately led to performing some small asphalt paving jobs. A partnership was formed between Father and Son – Jim with Peter’s financial backing created a small asphalt paving company and Bain Paving was officially born. Little did they know that more than 60 years later, Bain Paving would still be providing best-in-class paving services to the Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan region.

  Bain Family  


How We Evolved…

 The business has always stayed in the family and has been run by generations of Bains. Jim’s four sons-Pete, Mike, Jim, and Pat- were born and raised in Toledo, each of them entering the family business right after graduating from Start High School. Since that time, the Bain boys have assumed the helm of the company and has led it in a direction that would no doubt make their father and grandfather proud. Every single job Bain Paving performs has at least on of the Bain brothers on site. This personal and direct involvement in the jobsite management ensures that each and every job exceeds our customers expectations and furthers the Bain family reputation for the highest level of quality and value.


What We Promise…

 In a time where customer service comes at a premium and is severely lacking in many industries, the Bain brothers and their company stand apart. Each and every job Bain Paving delivers on is guaranteed to leave our customers fully satisfied and happy they found Toledo’s best local paving contractor. Our specialties range from new construction and existing residential driveways to the building and resurfacing of commercial parking lots. Bain Paving is the best family owned and operated paving contractor in Toledo that has continued to build on the foundation laid by their father and grandfather over 6 decades ago.